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WoW Skinning Guide

Skinning 1 to 300 Guide

You can use it as a fast track guide. Just ignore the “Your level” bit. You can proceed faster with skinning if you have a higher level, because you will be able to grind the mobs faster. I’ve tried to list mobs that should be yellow or orange for your skinning level. If they are green, move onto the next zone listed, to make sure you still improve your skinning skill.

Please note that even if a mob is red/orange to you, that this DOES NOT guarantee that you’ll get a skill up. It’s more likely, but not to be expected every time.

Skinning Level = 1 – Your Level = 5


Undead = Hounds around Brill
Orcs and Trolls = Mottled Boars and Scorpids around Sen’Jin Village
Tauren = Prowlers and Plainstriders around Bloodhoof Village


Humans = Boars around Goldshire
Gnomes and Dwarfves = Crag Boars and Wendigo’s South of Kharanos
Night Elves = Nightsabers and critters around Dolanaar

Skinning Level = 25 – Your Level = 10


Undead = Worgs and Moonrage Gluttons around Silverpine
Orcs and Trolls = Boars, Scorpids, Crocolisks and Raptors around Orgrimmar
Tauren = Prowlers and Praire Wolves around Thunderbluff


Human = Prowlers and Bears around Eastvale Logging Camp
Gnomes and Dwarfves = Wolves around Brenwall Village.
Night Elves = Moonstalkers and Bears around Auberdine

Skinning Level = 50 – Your Level = 13


(at this level most Horde should be heading towards XR)
Plainstriders, Raptors and Prowlers around XR


Humans = Goretusks all around Sentinel Hill.
Gnomes and Dwarfves = Bears and Crocolisks around Thelsamar
Night Elves = Moonstalkers and Bears North of Auberdine

Skinning Level = 100 – Your Level = 20


Stormsnouts and Thunderhawks around Camp Taurajo


(at this level most Alliance should be heading for The Wetlands)
Crocolisks and Raptors around Bluegill Marsh and Whelgar’s Excavation Site
Whelps and boars around Lakeshire for Alliance.

Skinning Level = 130 – Your Level = 24

Alliance and Horde

Bears and Mountain Lions around Hillsbrad Foothills

Ravagers and Wolves in Duskwood if your Alliance.
Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale.

Skinning Level = 150 – Your Level = 28

Alliance and Horde

Yeti Cave in Hillsbrad Fields and Mountain Lions on the “Daggers” (these are the bits of land between Hillsbrad and Alterac Mountains, one is called Corrans Dagger, so hence the nickname).

Hyenas, Lions, Wyvern and Thunderhawks in Thousand Needles.
Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale.

Skinning Level = 170 – Your Level = 32

Alliance and Horde

Raptors in Arathi Highlands.

Turtles and Basilisks in The Shimmering Flats.

Skinning Level = 180 – Your Level = 34

Alliance and Horde

Raptors, Panthers and Tigers around Nessingwarys Camp in Stranglethorn Vale (you could actually get your skinning level all the way to 300 in and around STV as the mobs range from level 34 to level 50).

Raptors and Crocs in Dustwallow Marsh.
Thunder Lizards, Kodos, Basilisks, Scorpids and Hyenas in Desolace.
Whelps in Swamp of Sorrows.

Skinning Level = 220 – Your Level = 38

Alliance and Horde

Raptors and Gorillas around the Gurabashi Arena
Panthers, Jaguars and Crocs in Swamp of Sorrows.
Dragonkin, Coyotes and Ridge Stalkers/Huntresses in Badlands.
Wolves around Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas if your Alliance.

Skinning Level = 250 – Your Level = 45

Alliance and Horde

Snickerfangs and Boars in North Blasted Lands
Silvermanes and Gryphons in The Hinterlands.
Stags and Hippogryphs in Azshara.
Hippogryphs, Apes, Bears, Wolves, Screechers and Yetis in Feralas.

Skinning Level = 275 – Your Level = 50

Alliance and Horde

Jagueros and Gorillas on Jaguero Island (Large Island to the East of Booty Bay where Princess Poobah is being held). Skin till 300.

Alternatives are Yetis, Chimeras and Bears in Winterspring.

Bears in Western Plaguelands.

Plaguehounds and Plaguebats in Eastern Plaguelands.
Turtles by Raventusk Village in The Hinterlands.
Turtles and Chimeras in Azshara.

Dragonkin, Worgs and Scorpids in Burning Steppes.

Thought I’d add the mob levels that you can expect to get each specific leather from.

Ruined Leather Scraps: 1-16
Light Leather: 1-27
Light Hide: 10-27
Medium Leather: 15-36
Medium Hide: 15-36
Heavy Leather: 25-46
Heavy Hide: 25-46
Thick Leather: 35-63
Thick Hide: 40-59
Rugged Leather: 43-63
Rugged Hide: 47-63


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    This Guide is made for pre-TBC, thats the reason why it goes only to 300.

    It is true though that the current cap is set to 450.

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    Crocolisks and Raptors around Bluegill Marsh and Whelgar’s Excavation Site ) was not right , they all took at least 110 skill =P otherwise very good guide with many options =) ty

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    sry, forgot to mention, for up and comming skinners or retreads like myself, get to STV for the nesingwary questline if you haven’t done it, being lvl75 made it silly easy of course but while lvling had to kill stuff and got the achiev aswell, GL to all.

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