WoW Grinding Guide

WoW Grinding Guide

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of interesting spots. Welcome to the WoW Grinding Guide which might be as well treated as Leveling Guide.


Some facts about the WoW Grinding Guide

Dealing with the boringness of grinding:

There’s no way to get rid of it. There’s ways to deal with it, fortunately. The basic ways are to simply play music while grinding, or position your TV to a location where you don’t have to turn much to watch it, or chatting in game. Grinding doesn’t require you to watch your screen 100% of the time, even on a PVP server, so watching TV isn’t too hard. A method I personally like is talking to friends, RL or on team speak, both are good choices to help you forget about what you’re doing. One thing I urge everyone NOT to think about is how long it’s taking to level, it’ll make you extremely bored/frustrated.

Why do people grind if it’s so boring?

A simple, yet complicated question. The simple answer is that we’re power gamers/PVPers. We want to get as strong as possible as fast as possible. The part where it gets complicated is where casual gamers and such are reverting to grinding, too. With the current state of WoW, there’s very little reason to do quests. One of the only reasons is that you get more involved with the story/history of WoW. Another is that it is more entertaining than grinding. While I’m not going to try arguing with either of those, I will tell you the following:

There’s very few rewards to doing quests, one of them being able to buy mounts from other races in your faction. This, funny enough, isn’t very possible. The other being you get discounts. I’ll let you know now that you can easily obtain an honorable status by questing from 1 to 14-15, which is what I did. Grinding rewards better than questing, more materials, more gold, more of a chance to receive rare drops (blues that bind on equip), and most importantly, faster/better exp. Also, you can grind to 60 and then proceed to do instances, which means you end up with the same gear as everyone else, but faster.

There are different types of power leveling.

Grinding – Single target grinding, which is what this guide is based on. Some quests are done, but only the ones that can be done while grinding. This is -the- most boring form of power leveling.

AOEing – Killing multiple monsters at the same time with AOE spells. Sounds better than it is. Some quests are done, but only the ones that can be done while grinding. More entertaining than normal grinding.

Power AOEing – AOE grinding with outside support. This outside support is usually a support class healing you, which enables you to AOE a larger number of monsters and not have to worry about your health or survivability. Survivability is why solo AOE grinding is flawed. Little quests are done. Probably the best form of leveling. Fastest and most entertaining (you have someone to talk to, joke around, etc). The only downsides are finding someone to preform this task for you. Note: Outside support means you’re not partied, IE; you’re getting all of the experience.

Well, which is that fastest?! Power AOEing -> Grinding -> AOEing

How long did it take you to max, using these methods?

7 days to 10 days.


  1. Zilver - 27. July 2009 um 3:31 am

    I honestly have to agree with everything you have said here, as it’s actually true. Grinding in the end is faster than questing. I tried it both ways. With questing ( and always logging if I had to take a longer than 20 sec break!) I maxed to 80 in 9 days 12 hours 5 sec. Grinding, I hit 80 in 6 days, 23 hours, 15 sec.

  2. Leadion - 5. September 2009 um 6:40 pm

    Lol i have 7 days 10 hours to 80.
    I aggree with very little said here.
    I have Found my own methods of power leveling and found them to be much fast than simply grinding exp/killing/collection quest.

    I Find myself leveling faster than anyone I know besides my 2 friends who have help come up with this guide from 1-80.

    I have gone from 1-60 in 2days played flat of course i wasn’t the first to do it so i will never get recognition and I’ve even posted pictures on the world of warcraft forums regarding my success.

    You need 2 accounts a level 80 and preferably if you want to do this past level 70.

    1-10 8 killing quest total /grindexp
    10-20 16 quest total/grindexp
    20-25 10 quest total/grind
    25-40 sm/lib/cath 10 min clears
    40-47 zf run through 2 pull clear mount up. 12 mins if you include graves.
    47-55 lbrs/ubrs
    55-63 ramparts 17 minute runs 1 level per run till lvl 61.
    63-66-68 mana tombs+ sethekk halls 22 minute runs.
    Pending mains gear and class.
    mine being a blood dk I 2 boxx and bring a friend through this entire process and play for about 3 days ina row with sleep.
    and get to level 70

    68-72 UK 24 minutes.

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