WoW Grinding Guide

WoW Class Guide

The Class Guide explains specific Grinding Guides for the present Classes in World of Warcraft.

WoW offers 9 Classes:

Druids are a very versatile class. They do have the ability to transform themselves into powerful forms and they are able to perform defensive spells on top of their offensive attacks. In Bear Form they act like a warrior, while being a Cat they’re able to play like a Rogue and as humanoid they play the defensive type of guy by healing and nuking from the background. Talents enable them to enhance one or more of these roles and even gain new forms. As a skilled player they can be just as effective as one of the classes dedicated to each role. This class is a real Allrounder.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Hunters are the only class which is able to use ranged weapons, such as bows, guns, or crossbows as a primary source of damage. Therefore Hunters may very well avoid any kind of melee combat and deal damage from distance. Additionally this class is able to tame animals and use them as pets which enable them to do scouting, tracking and specific attack combinations. Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and Survival make the Hunter the perfect Solo Class.

The Mage – or also called Wizard in other Games than WoW – are ranged damage dealer. This is the perfect class for AoE Grinding, actually this class even invented it. Weak armor and health make them difficult to play, we don’t recommend it for Beginners. What’s also coming in handy are crowd control, teleportation and group portals to big cities and conjuration of food and water. You may specialize in Fire, Ice or Arcane Magic and for the most time Mages will be respeccing a lot, so start saving your well earned gold!

The Holy Warrior is a Warrior and Healer hybrid, a very defensive class. They are the perfect support class and they are able to buff a whole group with useful spells like additional armor and resistances. A Paladin is the perfect mix out of a melee DPS, tank, off-tank and healer. Since Burning Crusade Paladins can be played by both, Horde and Alliance.

Very defensive, very useful in groups and also funny by using Mind Control. No big group in difficult instances survives without a decent Priest.

Rogues are the Shadow Walkers in World Of Warcraft. They can deal enormous damage and quickly disappear right after the attack. Warriors in stealth mode and masters of poison. Rogues do use energy points and generate combo points.

A Shaman can transform himself into an offensive caster to a healer or melee DPS. People say they are decent in PvP because they are so flexible. Totems support them in the fight. Since Burning Crusade also Alliance can play a Shaman by choosing the Draenei race.

The King of Damage over Time. Drop some DoTs and move away or stay in the background, that’s what a Warlock does and this is a really effective class in PvP. Skilled Players will love the Warlock. Pets and fear spells give them a variety of tactical options and they also fit perfectly into a group.

The standard class in every game, of course it won’t be missed in World of Warcraft either. A Warrior is a typical tank, he eats damage by having a strong armor . Although they are very dependant on items, if you’re not the type of an item Grinder better skip this class.

Every Class has its own way of leveling and with our exklusive WoW Class Guide we get yourself quickly through the sometimes boring leveling process. If you follow our step by step guides you will soon be high Level, too.

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