WoW Grinding Guide

New WoW Crafting Guide: Tailoring

One new guide today:

We will add all missing guides for WoW in the near future. After that we are planning to add guides for Linage 2, DaoC and much more, too, so stay tuned!

Enjoy! 🙂

WoW Guides Alchemy and Blacksmithing added

Ever wanted to go for Alchemy or Blacksmithing and didn’t know what to do? You finally found a place to learn from!

Enjoy and once again, thanks for all the feedback!

Another two WoW Crafting Guides

Today we finished these new Guides for you:

Thanks for all the comments again. Please try to use the comment system or the forum, I removed my E-Mail Addy for now.

We would be happy about more guide contributions!


Two new World of Warcraft Guides

We got two new guides up:

Stay tuned for further updates, we’re far away from being done! Feel free to post your comments or guides!

I’m receiving tons of feedback from you guys out there, thanks! Keep bringing in those links to the site, that’s the best contribution.

Another Horde Grinding Guide update

Added a couple of new zones and made additions to the specific locations guide.

WoW Horde Grinding Guide

Thanks for all the feedback about the site, glad you enjoy it!

Grinding – explained

Check out our new article about Grinding itself – Grinding – How to Level efficiently

Dive into the world of Grinding, it’s up and downsides and it’s efficiency in leveling.

WoW Grinding Guide Horde updated!

We are pleased to announce another update of our WoW Horde Grinding Guide.

Added 10 new spots including special XP Ressources for the perfect Grind.

Check it our here: Horde Grinding Guide.

Watch out for more Leveling Guides in the near future!

WoW Grinding Guide Alliance Updated!

We have updated the WoW Alliance Grinding Guide with several new spots. Please feel free to send in further comments and additions to our Grinding repository.

Alliance Grinding Guide

Welcome to the Grinding Guide

Welcome stranger,

you’ve reached the ultimate Ressource for your Grinding Guide.

On our site you are able to find out about the WoW Grinding Guide, especially for Alliance and Horde.

Furthermore we will add more sections in the near future, including Lineage 2, The Dark Age of Camelot, Burning Crusade, Guild Wars, Lich King, Warhammer Online and much more. Stay tuned!

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