WoW Grinding Guide

AoE Grinding Basics

Crowface says: Being a long time AoE’r, let me give you a few basics to live by.

1. Make 100% sure you spec to have improved blizzard. It is crucial to good mana efficiency, resulting in less downtime. It also prevents you from getting hit… ever.

2. Make sure to spec into frost, because later on down the line (40+) you are going to get ice barrier, the god of all AoE spells. It prevents you from being dazed, knocked off horse and dieing, the 3 main AoE pitfalls. Get it!

3. Stay far, far away from ranged/caster mobs. If there is even 1 in a group, they will mess up your whole system. A lightning bolt/arrow/bullet in the chest and your blizzard is gone. That’s 700+ mana down the drain and you probobly dead from OOM(out of mana). MELEE ONLY!

4. Use wand to pull straying mobs. If they are spread out, use ur wand to aggro them, then while they run at you, run away from them to the other mobs to pull a bigger group. If you aoe correctly, you can take on an infinite amount of mobs.

This should be your AoE order every single time. Get the mobs together in whatever way you want, but make sure they are tightly packed together. Frost Nova them, SIDESTEP (don’t back up, you move slower, and you need to get to 30 yds before the Frost Nova breaks. Moving sideways lets you keep them in view and move at 100% speed.) Blizzard them so you are hitting them all. When your blizzard is just about out, cast it again somewhat near you so they walk into it and get hit as much as possible before they hit you. When they get close, frost nova, and backup and blizzard again. If you are too low on mana, instead of blizzard, try flamestrike and an Arcane Explosion, and wand them to death. Your Ice Barrier may be up again, allowing you to wand them without dieing. Try and save Evocation for when you run OOM and there are too many mobs with too much health. Use cold snap if you must, Frost Nova, run away and evocation to full mana. AE to death.

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  1. PvP AoE Star - 13. November 2008 um 10:56 pm

    hey in pvp and pve raids/groups are frost mage’s (like me) just supposed to pretty much garantee that SOMEONE is going to kill the person/mob?

    i really dont want to make another freaking mage lol i got a lvl 24 warlock and they gots some aoe’s like rain of fire and thats pretty good…. plus ur voidy as tank soooooo is it a good idea to do aoe to lvl as a warlock? plz help

    Ive been doing research on what spec i should go to lvl my pally and i came across an aoe pally spec. pallys main sorce of aoe damage is refected damaged.For example spec prot get blessing of sancutary and holy shield and use a quick but good dpsing 1hd wep and a shield+a shield spike.
    when i first learned of this i though it would be fun to try but i wanted to see if it there was any vids… there was quite a few.When I tried this out i was a little nervous but i figured it out fast and im now 48 5 bars from 49.I was retritbition before and i miss the dmg but the more xp per fight is wayy bettr then the dmg
    -thaeos 48 dreanei pally serv=korgath-

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