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WoW Cataclysm Guide

World of Warcraft Cataclysm is soon to be released. We got the perfect Cataclysm Guide for you to quickstart your experience. Want to reach level 85 quickly before your friends do? How have the most efficient gold-making strategies changed in the reforged geography of Azeroth? Combat mechanics are different now, what else did they alter? Get a clue right now with the Unofficial World of Warcraft Cataclysm Guide.
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Dual Talents with the next patch

Now it’s getting interesting. Blizzard is releasing dual talent specialization for their next patch.

Dual talent speccing will allow players to easily switch between two separate talent specs, hotbar and glyph setups. Level 80 characters will be able to gain the ability by paying a one-time training fee.

Once you got this new skill trained, the talent specs can be switched between at every Lexicons of Power. The lexicons will be available in major cities, and inscribers will be able to create an item that summons one. The new Gear Manager will enable players to easily switch between sets of talent-matching items.

Wrath of The Lich King Grinding Guide

Are you ready to reach Level 80? The new WoW Wrath of the Lich King Expansion raises the level cap once more. It’s time to grind again! We are already working hard to provide you with the lastest guides.

However, if you want to level quickly and make use of beautiful maps, tips and hints we recommend the following guide for maximum performance. Just look at the picture, every part of grinding your way through to level 80 is carefully explained:

Lich King Grinding

A step-by-step WoTK guide with coordinates, maps, metamap and much more. Believe me, with this Level 70-80 Guide you will be at the maximum level in no time. Updates are free and it even comes with a In-Game Leveling Guide Mod!

This guide is nicely organized into leveling areas with complete pictures on the exact paths to take. These pictures are VERY helpful, everything is mapped out, the quest paths to take, where the quest mobs are at, where the quest givers are at, and so on and so on. You can just use the illustrations for finding everything in the game world.

Check it out, and don’t forget to leave a comment here if you like it!

» Wrath of The Lich King Level Guide

Wrath of The Lich King Download Client

Keep it easy guys! We’re getting thousands of E-Mails about alternative Download Sources for the Lich King Client Download.

Unfortunately you have to stick to the official Blizzard Downloader. That’s why buying a preorder retail copy makes sense guys. If you didn’t buy one you have to stay calm now and wait until the download is done.

In the meantime we work on some new Wrath of the Lich King Guides for you, so stay tuned!

WoW Level and Grinding Guide Updates

Yea that’s right folks, we updates some of our guides to be uptodate once again!

First of all the Horde Power Leveling Guide for experienced WoW Players out there. It moves you up to level 60 in no time!

Secondly we finally put our WoW Leveling Guide Level 60-70 up! We hope you enjoy it and have a speedy leveling to Level 70. The new top level of Burning Crusade!

Enjoy it, all the best, your Grinding Guide Team for World of Warcraft.

Damage WoW

Damage in WoW is being calculated on the fly and delivered directly to the Player. The effect of a Damage taken by Horde or Alliance lowers the victim’s Hit Points.

Damage can be dealth directly or as DoT which means Damage over Time.

Another form of damage is falling damage or damage by the environment. Hit Point can be restored by healing.

A popular WoW Mod is DamageMeters, it displays a lot of information and statistics on successful scores.

WoW Fishing Guide in Northrend

We like to introduce another update of our WoW Grinding Guide.

We just added the WoW Fishing Guide. For your grind enjoyment we also included a cooking guide. It’s moving your skill as quick as possible.

Enjoy another WoW Grinding Guide and as always, thanks for the inputs!

The Sword of a Thousand Truths – Is Real!

Some fun stuff on WoW Grinding Guide:

Remember the South Park episode that aired last week? The one where the boys go all out to nuke a PK’er with an uber sword called “The Sword of a Thousand Truths”? Well guess what, it is a real item in World of Warcraft. It’s in the expansion, The Burning Crusade!

Just thought it was pretty funny, so check it out and laugh like I did. 😀


Burning Crusade Guide

Hey fellahs,

I hope everyone of you preordered Burning Crusade and is ready to reach Level 70 by now!

Stay tuned to our WoW Burning Crusade Grinding Guide as we will deliver up to date guides on how to reach level 70 as fast as possible.


New AoE Grinding Basics Guide

I’m back from my vacation, thanks for the greets and wishes!

We got a new WoW AoE Grinding Basics Guide located here:

Good stuff for everyone who finally wants to try out AoE Grinding.


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